About the author

Vasile is a Romanian blogger, journalist and overall nice guy with a love for traditional folk music from the Balkans. He’s not an expert, so whatever he tells you may be wrong.

You can email him at drojdia (trololo) Gmail dot com.

This is not a place for narrow apologists of “TV folklore” or modern-day Fascists looking to sweep Romanians’ musical debt to Gypsies under the rug.

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Howdie, Vasile! I’ve just got round to checking out your blog and generally enlightening myself. You’ve inspired me to check out more interesting music on YouTube (instead of just playing DJ Project). Big blue skies to you!

  2. Hey,
    My band plays lots of romanian songs. I am american living in budapest. I sing on some songs. Like “cine-a pus” and sabarelu so its really nice to know what they are about better. Thanks for making this blog. Keep adding more! Check us out in a week we will have a new cd. Perhaps you will have an idea of a good song for us to learn next.

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